Mommy Makeover In Dubai

mommy makeover in dubai

It feels incredible when a child is born, but what about the physical changes that occur after giving birth? It is no secret that pregnancy can take a significant toll on your body.

Looking into the rising trend of Mommy Makeover in Dubai could be a good idea if you’ve tried diet and exercise but are still looking for a better appearance.

One of the most prevalent combined plastic surgery procedures performed today is the “mommy makeover,” which is intended to address typical problems encountered by mothers who have given birth and are nursing a child. 

Mommy Makeover in Dubai: what is it?

The term “mommy makeover” refers to a customized series of cosmetic treatments that assist women in restoring or enhancing their pre-pregnancy appearance by addressing common effects of ageing and childbearing on the face, breasts, and body. Cosmetic surgery, non-surgical therapies, or a mix of the two may be used in mommy makeovers.

How can a mommy makeover benefit you?

The elements of a makeover for moms

Since becoming a mother primarily alters the breasts and abdomen, a mommy makeover frequently revolves around these procedures. The breasts will also grow during pregnancy and nursing, sometimes by up to a full cup size. 

But getting back to “normal” could result in obvious drooping and a large loss of breast fullness. The abdomen’s skin, tissues, and muscles stretch throughout pregnancy to secure room for the developing baby. Sadly, these layers might not return to their taut, pre-baby form after childbirth. Your Mommy makeover may consist of one or a combination of the following:

What can a mommy makeover correct?

Every patient has unique objectives for her mommy makeover procedure, and these frequently involve one or more of the following:

When is the best time to get a Mommy Makeover?

Choosing the perfect moment for your mommy makeover is a decision that should align with your circumstances and goals. While it’s a personal journey, there are some key factors to remember when planning the ideal timing and selecting the procedures that suit you best.

Postpartum Recovery: Before embarking on your makeover journey, it’s crucial to allow your body to recover from childbirth fully. This recovery period varies for each individual, but ensuring you’ve healed internally and externally is paramount.

Breast Surgery Considerations: If you’re contemplating breast surgery as part of your makeover, it’s wise to wait a few months after you’ve finished breastfeeding. This time allows your breasts to regain stability in size and shape, ensuring a more predictable outcome.

Non-Surgical Options: Remember that certain non-surgical treatments, such as injectables, may not be advisable while breastfeeding. Your safety and the well-being of your child always come first.

Future Family Plans: If you’re planning to expand your family, it’s generally recommended to postpone surgical “lifting” procedures like tummy tucks, breast lifts, or lower body lifts. These surgeries are best suited for those who have completed their family planning. 

Post-Surgery Care: Remember that after a surgical mommy makeover, you’ll have certain restrictions, including lifting limitations (usually around 5-10 lbs.) for the first few weeks. This means you’ll need assistance with childcare, especially if you have young children. 

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Mommy Makeover FAQ

The best country to get a Mommy Makeover can vary based on individual preferences and factors like cost, surgeon expertise, and available medical facilities. Dubai is one popular destination known for its skilled cosmetic surgeons and advanced medical facilities, but it ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities.

The weight limit for a Mommy Makeover isn’t set in stone and can vary among surgeons. Generally, it’s recommended that patients be at a stable weight, as significant weight fluctuations can affect the results. It’s essential to discuss your specific situation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine the appropriate weight range for your procedure.

The best age for a Mommy Makeover depends on your individual circumstances, but most women consider it after they have completed their family planning and their bodies have fully recovered from pregnancy and childbirth. Typically, patients range from their late 20s to 50s or beyond.

The duration of a Mommy Makeover surgery can vary depending on the specific procedures included. It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours or more on average. Your surgeon will provide a more accurate estimate during your consultation, as it depends on your unique treatment plan.

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