Mohs Surgery For Skin Cancer

Mohs Surgery For Skin Cancer

About Mohs Surgery For Skin Cancer

Certain skin cancers are treated with a process called Mohs-type surgery. The tumour is removed in thin layers and is microscopically examined for signs of malignancy. The procedure is repeated until no cancerous cells are visible and the tumour margins are clear.

Removing all of the skin cancer while sparing the surrounding healthy skin is the aim of Mohs surgery. With Mohs surgery for skin Cancer, the surgeon can ensure complete eradication of the malignancy whilst limiting the size of the defect.   The procedure ensures the highest rates of tumour clearance.

Why is Mohs Surgery done?

Mohs Surgery for skin cancer is specialised surgery.  Dr Conroy is one of very few plastic surgeons in Dubai who offers this – not only resecting the tumour but also performing the reconstruction of the defect, often using techniques involving local skin flaps to reconstruct the defect.  Local flaps provide excellent colour and textural matches, making the result almost seamless.

Mohs-type surgery is usually performed on non-melanoma skin cancers with certain conditions:

  1. Have a high chance of coming back or returning after previous treatment.
  2. Have edges that are hard to define.
  3. Are in areas where you want to keep as much healthy tissue as possible. This includes areas around the ears, eyes, nose, hands, mouth, feet and genitals.
  4. Are in cosmetically sensitive areas

Potential risks of Mohs surgery for skin cancer

Issues that may arise both during and following Mohs surgery consist of:

Preparing for Mohs surgery for skin cancer in Dubai

Mohs Surgery For Skin Cancer symptoms

Procedure of Mohs surgery for skin cancer in Dubai

  • Closing the wound with stitches.
  • Using a skin flap or graft to cover larger wounds.

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Mohs surgery is a highly effective surgical procedure primarily used for treating skin cancers, especially basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It involves precise layer-by-layer removal of cancerous tissue, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. It’s known for its high cure rate.

Healing time after Mohs surgery varies based on the surgery’s extent and location. Typically, initial wound healing takes 5-7 days. However, complete healing and scar maturation might take up to a year, especially for larger or more complex excisions.

During the procedure, discomfort is typically minimized with local anesthesia. Post-surgery, patients may experience mild pain, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. Your doctor may prescribe stronger pain medication if necessary.

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