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Dr Frank Conroy the Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai is known for regularly performing excision of benign skin lesions such as moles, cysts and lipomas.  Whilst these are all typically non-cancerous, they can cause problems with infection, pain or be unsightly.

Surgeries done for Cyst and mole removal in Dubai by Dr Frank Conroy are common procedures that can improve the appearance of your skin. 

Who might need mole or cyst removal?

You might consider mole or cyst removal in Dubai, if you are:

Mole & Cyst Removal in Dubai

Mole Removal in Dubai

Mole removal is a procedure that involves shaving or cutting off a mole from your skin. Mole removal can be done for medical or cosmetic reasons, depending on the mole’s type, size, and location. It can also help prevent or treat skin cancer if the mole is suspicious or malignant.

There are two main ways of mole removal in Dubai: 

Some other methods of mole removal in Dubai that are less commonly used include:

Consult Dr Frank Conroy For Mole & Cyst Removal in Dubai

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to remove unwanted cysts or moles from your skin? Then, you should consult Dr. Frank Conroy, a leading plastic surgeon in Dubai specialising in cyst and mole removal.

Dr. Frank Conroy uses the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the best results and the least scarring. He will assess your condition and suggest the most suitable method for your specific case. 

Don’t let cysts or moles affect your quality of life or your self-esteem.

Get the honest and professional advice you need.

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