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Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai with Dr Frank Conroy

Having large breasts often means dealing with physical discomfort. The weight of oversized breasts can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, skin irritation, and poor posture.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty can provide relief from the chronic pain and discomfort often associated with huge breasts. 

Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Women with large breasts often feel self-conscious, limited in their clothing choices, and even socially inhibited. Breast reduction surgery procedures can help patients feel more comfortable in their skin and boost their self-esteem.

By reducing breast size, patients often experience a significant reduction in these physical symptoms, allowing them to move more freely and engage in physical activities more efficiently. 

Dr Frank Conroy offers breast reduction surgery, known as reduction mammoplasty, which can be life-changing, offering relief from this perpetual issue and providing various benefits beyond aesthetic enhancement.

What to consider before breast reduction mammoplasty?

Some essential factors to consider are: 

  • The surgery is best performed when the breasts are completely matured. 
  • Your ability to breastfeed following breast reduction surgery may be reduced. If you intend to breastfeed your infant in the future, consult with the doctor. 

Preparing for a reduction mammoplasty

  • Your medical history and overall health will be thoroughly assessed. 
  • Dr Frank will discuss your expectations of breast size or projection.
  • Dr Frank will describe the procedure and its risks and advantages, including potential scars and loss of feeling. 
  • Measure and take photos of your breasts for medical records.

Planning breast reduction surgery may require:

  • Mammography. 
  • No smoking for at least six weeks before and following surgery. 
  • Do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, or herbal remedies to control bleeding during surgery. 

Procedure of Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

To begin, Dr Frank Conroy will:

  • Make an incision around the nipple, areola, and down each breast. 

  • Remove extra breast tissue, fat, and skin to decrease the size of the breasts. 

  • Reshape the breast and the nipple and its surrounding area, commonly known as the areola

Typically, the nipple and surrounding area remain connected to the breast. For particularly huge breasts, Dr Frank may need to remove them and install a new nipple.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery offers several transformative benefits that extend far beyond cosmetic improvements. 

One of the most significant advantages is the relief from chronic pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. 

This alleviation of discomfort can greatly enhance your quality of life by reducing the physical limitations imposed by larger breasts, thereby making it easier to engage in various physical activities. 

Whether running, yoga, or simply walking without discomfort, reducing breast size can lead to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Reduction mammoplasty often leads to a more proportionate body figure, which can significantly boost self-esteem and body image. Many patients experience a renewed sense of confidence and comfort in their appearance.

Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

Breast reduction surgery scars are common, just like any surgical procedure. These scars are typically around the areola, down the breast, and sometimes under the breast along the crease. 

The appearance of breast reduction surgery scars can vary widely among individuals depending on factors like skin type, age, and the surgeon’s technique. Over time, the scars usually fade. Many patients find the benefits of the surgery, such as relief from back and neck pain, outweigh the concern of scarring.

Breast Reduction Surgery Side Effects

Some common breast reduction surgery side effects are: 

  • Swelling and bruising are common in the initial weeks following surgery. 
  • Pain is usually manageable with prescribed medications. 
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensations can be temporary or permanent. 
  • Wound healing issues, or delayed healing at the incision sites. 
  • Breast reduction surgery scars are permanent but typically fade over time.

Choose Dr Frank Conroy for Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Dr Frank Conroy, a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in Dubai, is renowned for his expertise in breast reduction surgery. Focusing on achieving natural-looking results and prioritising patient safety and satisfaction, he guides everyone through the process, ensuring they feel empowered and supported every step. 

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery in Dubai, schedule a consultation with Dr Frank Conroy.


Common problems following breast reduction surgery include pain and discomfort, swelling, bruising, and temporary changes in nipple sensation. There can also be issues with wound healing, such as infection or poor scarring. Choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr Frank Conroy may help reduce common problems after breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. However, as with any major surgery, it carries risks such as infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anaesthesia.

Yes, mammoplasty, or breast reduction surgery, is classified as major surgery. It involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, and skin, which requires general anaesthesia and a recovery period of several weeks.

Side effects of breast reduction can include temporary or permanent changes in breast or nipple sensation, pain, swelling, bruising, and scarring. There’s also a potential for dissatisfaction with the cosmetic outcome.

The intensity of pain experienced after reduction mammoplasty can vary, but most patients report moderate pain, particularly in the first few days after surgery. Pain can be effectively managed with medications prescribed by the surgeon, and it generally diminishes significantly within a week or two.

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